From our desk to yours…

If we asked you to tell us about your business what would you say?

Would you share your stories of your history and how it all came to be…

Would you reveal the late nights and early mornings and years of hard work you put in…

Would you reminisce about the bonds created between your employees and team members…

Would you detail the challenges you had to overcome to get to where you are today…

Would you explain the effort and precision you put forth in building quality for your customers…

All in all, days turned to months, months turned to years. And over the years, you built something.

You built a legacy.

Recent surveys show that close to 80% of business owners expect to fund their retirement through the sale of their business. However, in the same survey less than 4% knew the value of their company.

Singleton Valuations was created to help business owners and their advisors bridge the valuation knowledge gap. Our expertise in valuation advisory can mean the difference in you realizing the full worth of what you built as oppose to leaving a significant portion on the table. 

We help our clients with traditional services including preparing valuations for mergers & acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, purchase or sale of ownership interests, financing, and business planning purposes.

Additionally, we specialize in value build strategies and tactics that when deployed correctly and early enough, can create windfall differences in transition value down the road. Using quantitative ROI driven metrics, we help clients identify and execute on significant benchmarks that close valuations gaps in their company. These services are appropriate for established businesses still years away from any transition event. We subscribe to and recommend the Walton philosophy (start planning early, after Sam Walton who began strategically planning for his transition 35 years prior to stepping down from operations), and find the earlier clients begin thinking about this the more that appreciated value occurs in their enterprise.

We strive to be the best at what we do for our clients. As a result, we relentlessly work to improve our abilities, processes, and results. We hire only the most qualified professionals, requiring at minimum a CVA, ABV or ASA credential, the highest standards specific to business valuation. Additionally, our growing network of specialist means our clients can receive precise expertise on a case by case basis.

We would love to learn more about you and your specific needs, and if our services might be appropriate. Please reach out via phone; 720-330-3542 or through the contact form below.

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What’s New At Singleton Valuations?

In addition to helping businesses with their traditional valuation and appraisal needs, we are working specifically with owners and investors in Opportunity Zones. To learn more about Opportunity Zones, feel free to read our article on Colorado Opportunity Zones. Additionally, you can contact our office directly via our contact page or by phone to request a copy of our most recent presentation on the topic.